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Chris and Reyna
I am a teacher, writer, and artist and still live in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay where I grew up. I have one daughter, Reyna, the illustrator of my children's book, Micah and the Monsters. Her illustrating talents can also be seen on my greeting cards page.
My childhood was a little... unconventional, and eventually I felt like the stories had to be told. If you think your childhood may have thrown you off track, you might be interested in reading my book, Say Uncle, that shows that sometimes what feels like a roadblock leading to an out of the way detour, is actually the perfect way to go. My second memoir is due out soon, with the working title of Crazy Loves.
Besides writing and painting, I hold 3 teaching credentials, including one in English and Studio Teaching...... I also give children's art lessons, and will execute a killer and creative birthday party for a child of any age.
I have undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz is in Aesthetics and Learning, and I also have a Masters in Education.